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Sound compliance through practical engineering-out noise and innovative
protection solutions is what SonoLab is all about.

SonoLab have sourced a suite of insulation products to help customers on all matters relating to soundproofing, engineering-out noise and noise reduction strategies. Highly innovative, we’ve sourced practical soundproofing materials for walls, floors and ceilings, combating airborne and impact noise problems and pioneering custom-moulded earplugs.

Our focus is on engineering-out noise through bespoke noise control and protection solutions designed to guarantee the best results for your particular noise reduction requirements and demonstrable compliance. We treat noisy areas. We treat walls behind the noise. We build barriers or partial enclosures. We build complete enclosures if we have to.

Product Spotlight



  • Instant-fit custom-moulded


  • Wall, floor, ceiling tiles / lining
  • Suspended absorbing
  • Absorbing & Reverberation products
  • Baffles
  • Duct lining
  • Enclosure panels


  • Inertia bases
  • Isolators
  • Mounts
  • Thrust restraints


  • Unconstrained layer
  • Constrained (laminate) layer


  • Dose
  • Dust
  • Monitors & Controllers
  • Sound level
  • Vibration
Signage & eSignage

Signage & eSignage

  • Live noise warning signs
  • High noise alerts

How SonoLab can help

* Benchmark noise levels and understand site and operating risk
* Get a health check (independent)
* Mandatory 2-year Noise Survey & Risk Assessment
* Risk Assessment Review (when things change)
* Acoustic Problem Solving based around engineering-out noise
* Demonstrating workforce safety and site compliance
* Expert witness
* Compliance and monitoring system design / install

“Supremely effective and passionate about risk of hearing loss, we deeply appreciate SonoLab’s knowledge, expertise and assistance enhancing staff wellbeing and safety”

H&S Manager and PPE Leader

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