Compliance and Monitoring

SonoProtect 2 is a pioneering noise monitoring, alert and compliance system designed for site managers, PPE Duty Holders and Health & Safety Officers. It ensures site operators protect workers’ with noise monitoring, safety management and awareness. It provides real time 24/7 data which helps you manage risk and demonstrate total compliance. Ultimately, it will transform site safety, awareness and should lower insurance premiums and give you an ESG advantage.

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In a nutshell

  • Intelligent web-based Noise Warning Sign and Monitoring system
  • Wireless system is effective up to 5kms to ‘brain’
  • Secure
  • Retro-fitted and fully configurable
  • Maps noise and workers exposure by designated zone(s)
  • Records asset / zone compliance through a configurable dashboard
  • Automated alerts help you manage and mitigate risk
  • Ultimate compliance demonstrator
  • Benefits include proactively managed employee noise assessment, demonstrable compliance, enhanced operating safety, lower insurance premiums and better employee wellbeing
  • Outright purchase, hire or lease options for one, up to 2,000+ sensors


In any commercial environment where;

  • Background noise is intrusive / fairly continuous
  • Your employees have to raise their voices to converse normally when standing about 2 metres apart for part of the day
  • Noisy tools, processing or plant is in use for more than 30 minutes a day
  • Site operations known to be prone to noise – especially construction, woodworking, plastics, processing, engineering, textile manufacture, general fabrication, forging and metals, aviation, automotive, canning / bottling, waste and recycling, power generation
  • There are noise impacts (eg hammering, drop forging, pneumatic impact tools, turbines etc)