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SonoLab solution reaches UK Safety Group

SonoLab solution reaches UK Safety Group

safety-groups-uk-logo resizedThe Ripley Safety Group, part of the UK Safety Groups network, was positive about our mission to protect workers from the pain of hearing loss when our General Manager gave a talk there recently.

Kevin Carvell explained how the problem of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) has advanced to become the number one industrial injury claim in the UK. He talked about the issues with traditional hearing loss protection, and demonstrated innovative solutions that are available to provide protection to both employees and employers.

Kevin focused on the clear health benefits that the SonoLab Instant-Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs provide for employees, and used a willing volunteer to demonstrate how to make a pair in just six minutes. The lucky volunteer was presented with the resultant personalized earplug set, worth RRP £100.

Kevin talked, too about how employers can protect themselves against industrial injury claims for NIHL, by using the SonoLab Noise Attenuation Testing Programme, which indisputably tests and records protection levels for each individual employee.

“The SonoLab solution provides a greener alternative to other methods of hearing protection, such as disposable plugs,” he added, “and it is a more financially viable option when the long term costs of disposable plugs are considered.”

We can arrange for Kevin Carvell to speak at other regional UK Safety Group events, where he will offer a demonstration of the fitting process as part of the talk, allowing one volunteer per venue to be fitted and subsequently presented with his or her own pair of the valuable and effective earplugs.

Please get in touch to arrange your talk by emailing or phoning 01553 819 599.