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SonoLab solution provides ‘very impressive’ protection for Kier

SonoLab solution provides ‘very impressive’ protection for Kier

We’re pleased to have received notably positive feedback from construction giant, Kier, as the early results of a current trail of our instant-fit custom-moulded earplugs.

The trial with Kier was set up with a group of 43 Health Safety and Environmental Managers being fitted with the plugs. The role of the Health and Safety Manager is to visit work sites and implement and monitor health and safety standards, including making recommendations for personal protective equipment (PPE). The trial has been in progress for around eight weeks and initial feedback is encouraging.

Chris Grimes, Environmental Manager at Kier Building UK, has used the earplugs on a site where hydro cutting work has been undertaken to cut out existing concrete slabs but retain the reinforcing structure beneath. This activity uses high pressure water and noise levels in this type of environment are considerable.

Chris says “The over-riding benefit for me when I use my plugs is twofold: (1) they are really comfortable because they are moulded for my ear canal and (2) I can converse with my colleagues near the noise source without the need to move a safe distance away from the activity and remove the plugs.”

SonoLab earplugs attenuate according to noise levels, effectively cutting out dangerous levels of sound, but still allowing low noise communication, such as conversation. The plugs can also be connected to common communication devices, negating the need to remove the plugs at any point.

Chris continues, “I also really like the useful pouch that the plugs come with as it ‘personalises’ the equipment and encourages me to take care of the plugs; I’ve attached mine to the inside of my jacket with the clip, so when I’m onsite I will automatically have them with me.”

“Because they are moulded to the exact shape of my ear, I know they offer the best protection that I can have. Overall, it’s a good functional product which continues to impress me.”

Kevin Carvell, General Manager at SonoLab added “It’s great to have such positive feedback from an industry leader like Kier, and helps us on our way to protecting more lives from the pain of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

Not only is this a great step for employees, but as protection levels can be proven with the SonoLab Noise Attenuation Programme (SNAP), it’s provides employers with protection against potentially costly claims too.”