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Simplicity and ease of fitting helps to defend more than just hearing

Simplicity and ease of fitting helps to defend more than just hearing

As one of the UK’s leading international defence and security organisations, Babcock has a huge commitment to employee-wellbeing. When it comes to defending staff from the risks of noise-induced hearing loss, since 2015 the company has been using the SonoLab solution, reporting that the quick fitting time is one of its clearest benefits.

John Sawyer, Health and Safety Advisor at the Babcock base in Bovington, oversees many aspects of safety and employee welfare and says, “Since we’ve been using the SonoLab custom-moulded hearing protection plugs, everyone involved has been impressed by the quick fitting process and the comfort of the plugs.

“At the base, we provide all kinds of defence and security services and so the protection we require can be extremely varied.

“We need to know our employees’ hearing is protected as far as possible in each individual situation, and the SonoLab solution provides exactly that. It has the added benefit of blocking out only dangerous levels of sound. It enables safe levels, such as speaking, to be heard whilst wearing the plugs. This not only aids communication, it also stops staff from removing the plugs when they want a conversation, which is one of the hidden dangers in areas affected by loud noise.

“Our perception is that custom-moulded plugs provide the best protection, but most are really onerous to fit. We see the main benefit of SonoLab plugs to be the quick fitting time, which is great as it doesn’t cause much disruption to daily activity. With the initial training provided by the SonoLab team, it is a quick, simple to use and ready-to-go product.

“All our users are happy to wear them and find them comfortable and reliable.”

For the increasing number of employees that use SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs, wearing them has an obvious range of benefits. Not only do they offer a fitting time of just six minutes, but the simplicity and innovation of the technology are crucial factors that change cultural perceptions and help prevent the pain of hearing loss.

These benefits are in addition to the widely-accepted fact that custom moulded plugs are the most effective form of hearing protection available.

Kevin Carvell, General Manager at SonoLab adds “Our hearing solution is the most protective option available and most people see the benefit in how quick the custom moulding process is.

With Babcock, the use of the plugs draws attention to the fact that the solution works in all kind of environments, and along with other personal protective equipment such as hard hats too.”

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