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New video explains global breakthrough in noise protection

New video explains global breakthrough in noise protection

We have just announced the release of our new informative video which details our global breakthrough in noise protection.

Insurance claims for NIHL are now the most common workplace injury claim in the UK, with the most severe cases concluding in around £100,000 awarded to claimants.

Our new video is designed to demonstrate to business leaders why eradicating noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is more important to them than it might first appear. Eradicating NIHL is important to the success of their companies, and to the wellbeing and retention of staff. The video clearly and simply explains the importance in three key areas of business; health and safety, environmental impacts and financial implications.

Our mission is to protect lives from the pain of hearing loss in the workplace, through our breakthrough solution, Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs, which can be fitted onsite in just six minutes, without the need for a specialist fitter.

Our hearing protection solution is unique in its ability to be used with the SonoLab Noise Attenuation Testing Programme, which measures and records protection levels accurately and indisputably.

Kevin Carvell, General Manager at SonoLab, reports, “Many employers in noisy industries are often unaware of the potential financial savings that can be made from introducing long-term solutions such as custom-moulded earplugs as oppose to disposable plugs, approaching costs from a per unit perspective.

“Throwaway plugs offer much less protection as they don’t offer a snug fit to the ear. Not only this, the frequent use by hundreds of workers can cause major environmental impacts.”

To view the new video, click here.