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We’re exhibiting at the Nordways expo protection

We’re exhibiting at the Nordways expo protection

Following our success at the recent Safety and Health Expo in London, we will be exhibiting at the Nordways expo protection, from   7 – 9 November 2016, Paris Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 1.

Our innovative solution was particularly well received at London’s recent Safety and Health Expo, with feedback focusing on how much impact the dramatically shorter fitting time could have within industries with high staff-turnover such as construction or event-based industries.

Insurance claims against employers for noise induced hearing loss caused at work, have now outstripped those for whip lash in the UK. One of the problems is the lack of ability to test the efficacy of the noise protection supplied to employees. SonoLab earplugs are designed to be tested with the SonoLab Noise Attenuation Testing Programme (SNAP). With an average attenuation of 30dB (PAR), the testing system allows employers to record the performance results and save a certificate against the employee’s record.

Kevin Carvell, General Manager at SonoLab, comments, “We’re excited to be exhibiting at this event, and feel really well supported in the industry so far. Our mission ‘to protect lives from the pain of hearing loss’ works in tandem with the vision of the NSC for example, which is ‘to save lives by preventing injuries’.”

“We’re also really motivated by the knowledge sharing opportunities that events such as this create, with a key focus on evidence based research. Our forthcoming whitepaper, on eradicating noise-induced hearing loss is informed by much of this research and it will help keep everyone in the industry with knowledge at their fingertips.”