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Lumber processing plant

Lumber processing plant

The situation:

8,000 staff are involved in this case study at a lumber processing plant in the USA. The health and safety team had been using the best available disposable plugs, to give the highest level of protection possible.

The noise protection problem:

Each person was using three sets of disposable earplugs per day. When they arrived at work, they would take a first set, which would be discarded at coffee break. A second pair would be discarded at lunchtime, and the third at afternoon tea break.

With an average 250 working days per employee per year, each person was using 750 pairs a year and over a two-year period,1,500 pairs.

The average pair of earplugs was costing around 10p per pair, which equates to £150 over two years for one user, and a staggering £1.2m for the whole company.

In addition, management was concerned at the sheer waste of throwing away 24,000 earplugs every day – a staggering 6 million sets a year across the company.

The solution:

The team started with a trial of SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs across 100 staff. This proved so successful that they are now gradually being adopted across the company.

Each pair is guaranteed for two years, and so the cost can be spread.

The results:

Once volume discounts had been applied, the cost of supplying SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs to 8,000 staff is around £720,000 and represents a saving over two years of £480,000.