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International machinery manufacturer for the construction industry

International machinery manufacturer for the construction industry

The situation:

This company is very well known throughout the world as an employer of choice, and has several thousand employees. The industry they are in means they are exposed to a high level of noise, and their caring employer insists on the top level of hearing protection, combined with comfort.

The noise protection problem:

They had been using high quality ear muffs because they offer the top level of noise attenuation, but walking around a manufacturing site for eight hours in cumbersome earphones is not comfortable.  Too many people were wearing their earphones round their necks and exposing their ears to damaging levels of noise.

At this point the only solution was to go down the route of traditionally custom-moulded ear plugs.

The big barrier this time was the logistical challenge.

Firstly each employee had to have a mould made of his or her ear canal.

The manufacturer would only deal in groups of a minimum of between 30 and 50 staff, so the health and safety team had to make sure everyone was present and correct for the mould-creation.

Then there was a three-week wait whilst each set of ear plugs was created from its individual mould.

Then the same 30-50 staff had to be reassembled and have their earplugs professionally fitted. There would always be a handful of people from the group who were on holiday, off sick or otherwise unavoidably absent and it became a logistical nightmare.

The noise protection solution:

The company did an initial trial of SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs for around 100 employees through a registered SonoLab distributor.

The trial was so successful that the company has now adopted the product as its ‘go to’ solution. The SonoLab team supported the distributor by training the client’s health and safety manager to install the instant-fit kits.

The company now keeps a stock of SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs in the medical room, and fit them as and when they are needed.

Hearing tests prove sound results:

From day ‘one’ their staff are properly protected. As part of his or her induction process, each team member is given a hearing test using SonoLab Noise Attenuation software. The results are automatically logged.

As well as protecting employees, the solution protects the company. Should an employ have hearing loss issues which were incurred prior to their employment with the company, and attempt to bring an industrial injury claim against the company, the data will prove that the company was not at fault.