Formula car racing company

Formula car racing company

The situation:

With a particularly positive global profile, and an enviable reputation as an employer of choice, the management at this Formula car racing company wanted a top performing noise protection product.

The noise protection problem:

This company cares about its staff, and will always ensure that where at all possible, individuals are given safety protection over and above the legislative requirement.

This means that when it comes to hearing protection, the health and safety team must be able to measure it, to find out firstly whether it reaches legal levels, and secondly whether it exceeds them.

They must be able to gain clear readings and certification through the testing.  The initial cost of a solution is never the first consideration when employees’ wellbeing is at stake.

The solution:

The firm chose to use Sonolab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs and the accompanying Sonolab Noise Attenuation Testing programme. This creates a personalised level of protection for every precious team member, and enables the Health & Safety team to test, quantify and log the details of individual employees’ hearing, by conducting a function test that generates a corresponding Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR).

The custom-moulding is carried out in-house, and takes less than ten minutes per person.

This means that there is a significant saving in HR administration costs, as each individual can be fitted separately, when it suits them and their department. Previously the HR team had to arrange for large groups of people to have moulds made on the same day, and then arrange a further session for them to come back three weeks later for fittings.

This level of care helps to attract the very best staff available, as well as retain them.  With every single staff benefit, the staff turnover reduces, and therefore the cost of recruitment and training.