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Earplugs worth their salt for the mining industry

Earplugs worth their salt for the mining industry

The situation:

Employees in the salt mining industry regularly work in levels of noise that exceed 85 dBs, and one of the UK’s largest salt rock mining company naturally takes hearing protection very seriously. Whilst it is mandatory for staff to wear hearing protection, the company offers its team members a range of devices from which to choose.

A spokesperson at the company says, “A choice is important; if workers don’t like what’s provided, they won’t wear it, however much we insist.”

He was introduced to SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs as an option three years ago, and the firm decided to also use the SonoLab Noise Attenuation Programme (SNAP), as a way of demonstrating to each employee the effectiveness of the protection.

Why SonoLab is growing in popularity amongst the staff

The spokesperson explains, “We chose SonoLab because the devices offer very high quality protection and they are comfortable. A significant benefit is the SNAP technology; we use it to prove the effectiveness to each staff member; it encourages them to use the protection all the time, because they can see how well it works.”

The team are embracing hearing protection into their work culture; all new starters are introduced to SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs as part of their induction.

Team members also benefit from the earplugs’ connectivity to other radio devices because being able to have in-ear radio communication whilst maintaining protection is extremely beneficial.

Although some staff members at the firm still wear over-head ear muffs, the number of regular SonoLab users is rising.

“We would rather provide several protection options than dictate what people use, as we ultimately want all our staff to feel comfortable while using the hearing protection. We only supply the best, most protective options we can find.”

Our spokesperson says that sometimes people might seem initially intolerant to in-ear plugs. However, the more they use them and get used to how they feel, the more they appreciate the increased protection that SonoLab provides. “We actively encourage people to use SonoLab because we know how much more protection they provide and this is seen in the attenuation testing,” he concludes.

The results:

The Managing Director of the company has used his pair of SonoLab for three years and is very happy with the levels of protection they provide. The take up of SonoLab as opposed to other forms of protection, is estimated to have risen to over 50%.