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Proper protection against noise is now essential in the workplace

SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs provide you with the best, most comfortable and cost-effective hearing protection available anywhere in the world.

Noise-induced hearing loss has become the number one industrial injury claim in the UK, and EU laws are tightening to protect employees. As well as hearing loss itself, loud noise can result in occupational accidents because it masks warning signs, hinders communication and diverts attention.

Before SonoLab introduced its innovative new solution, there were three types of noise protection, none of which is ideal:

  • Earmuffs are effective but uncomfortable to wear for long periods. There is a risk that employees will fail to wear them even when they have been supplied.
  • Disposable plugs vary in effectiveness, depending upon the thoroughness with which the user inserts them. Even when very carefully placed in the ears, disposables are not as effective as custom-moulded plugs. They are also wasteful.
  • Custom moulded plugs give the best, most comfortable protection, but traditional supply is expensive, labour-intensive and can take up to three weeks to manufacture.

SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs give the same level of protection as traditional moulded plugs, and can be made and fitted in under 10 minutes. They are safe and very comfortable, so workers love wearing them. Some even take them home to combat a snoring partner!

SonoLab Instant Fit Custom Moulded Earplugs are designed to interface seamlessly with any communications device, and are available with different levels of noise filtering. We also have a metal-detectable option for the food industry, which is coloured blue for easy identification.

Proper protection against noise…